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The only thing I’m sure about LimeFx so far is its trustworthiness. But I’m indecisive about if its trading conditions will suit my trading tactics. On the one hand I get the high levergae for higher profits but on the other the spreads are not as tight as I hoped they would be. Although I really like the depth of education and the marker analysis from the broker. I think I will give the broker a chance, in the end you never know until you try it. Their custom academy is worth its weight in gold!

The platform provides traders with an intuitive experience and
advanced features, such as one-click trading and a range of technical
indicators. LimeFx also offers educational materials, multilingual customer
support, and four types of trading accounts. Hello Emiliano,

Thank you so much for your positive review about LimeFx! We are thrilled to hear that you are pleased with our platform and services.

Hello Wira,

We’re thrilled to hear that you’ve had a satisfying experience with us! Making a wise choice in selecting a trading broker is indeed crucial, and we’re here to provide you with the best possible conditions. If you ever have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. We’re glad to hear you’ve had a good experience using our platform. I want to write not just review about the service of this broker, but also give advice. If you, like me, do not have much experience in forex trading, you can choose an easier way.


No restrictions, just choices and opportunities. I want to quickly give a shout-out to the education section of this broker????. I believe that the podcasts are especially important to people whofrequently multi-task and find it hard to create the time to settle down and pick up a book, or watch a video. The broker really did think outside the box for that one.

  • Contact us directly for further inquiries about our products and services.
  • As a new addition, we’re continuously working on expanding and improving our offerings, including bringing in more trading strategies.
  • Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback for us.
  • My friend, it’s a little more complicated than you think.
  • Keep exploring those trading opportunities with our excellent platforms!

Not only for them, but in this review I would like to underline that the broker is beginner-friendly, for two major reasons. The first reason is their trading academy. As a beginner, you will need access to quality and comprehensive educational resources and LimeFx’s academy limefx website is excellent in every aspect, from theories of trading to practice. The other reason is the offer of a Cent account, which in my opinion is better for learning compared to a demo account. Hello Lucas,

We’re thrilled you’re enjoying our wide range of services and instruments!

Hi Phung,

We’re thrilled that you intentionally chose to join our trading community! It’s fantastic to hear that our broker’s academy has provided you with valuable knowledge and insights. We strive to offer a diverse selection of accounts, tight spreads, and fast trading platforms to cater to our traders’ needs. We’re glad you find our blog and YouTube channel enjoyable and informative.


But what really matters is to walk the walk. What I mean by that is not only advertising that they have good features but actually give those features to their customers. LimeFx is aware of what it can provide and does exacly that up to a good degree. I can say a lot bout’ this company, but the most mesmerizing thing for me is the presence of account types and tight spreads even if we take intpo consideration Standard one. With the help of the LimeFx platform, these
traders can make informed decisions when trading stocks.

Do i have to deposit only in us dollars? does the broker accept any other currency than that?

And sincerely speaking everything I tried in the past was a complete bs. Hello Yulong, What a lightning-fast start to your trading journey! ???? We’re thrilled to hear that you found our platform user-friendly, efficient, and asset-rich. Your enjoyment and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Hi Matias,

Thanks for noticing that we walk the walk, not just talk the talk! We’re committed to delivering on our promises and providing you with the best trading experience. I was surprised to see that this broker has a social-trading feature too, there are only a handful of brokers out there offering this interesting option. I checked the platform, and it works smoothly and it’s easy to set up your copy-trading settings and choose a strategy. Anyway, there is not an abundance of strategy providers, but still you can find one.

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I intentionally opened an account here, because before this, I had examined the broker’s academy inside out. I realized that it might be the best mediator on the market that may teach me lots of valuable things. On top of that, there is a pretty appealing selection of accounts, rather tight spreads and rapid trading platforms. In fact, there is nothing more delightful for me than being a part of the community here. It has a full-fledged blog and YT channel where some interesting videos are published. LimeFx offers a perfect trading environment for beginners.

I started copying trades of more experienced and successful traders. In addition, I am also studying at broker’s academy and soon I will be able to trade on my own. And this will allow me to get income from two sources. I’ve never thought mobile tradign may be so convenient and usable. I was convinced that there were no brokers which would deliver well-optimized solution for those traders who couldn’t stare at the monitor all day long.

A well-versed and trustful broker

I am glad that the leverage of the broker is flexible. It’s not fixed on one level therefore I can change it according to my trading strategies.Since when I trade different styles I tend to use different leverage levels. It’s quite convenient to have it adjustable this way. The NBP offered by LimeFx is quite reliable,
ensuring that traders’ funds are safe from unexpected market fluctuations.

These indicators provide traders with insights
into the markets and help them identify profitable trading opportunities. With
the help of these indicators, traders can make informed decisions when trading. LimeFx also offers a range of advanced
trading orders, such as limit orders, stop losses and take profits. These
orders allow traders to control their risk better and also take advantage of
market volatility. The MT4 platform also provides a customisable
user interface, allowing traders to customise the trading environment according
to their individual needs. This ensures that all traders have the same trading

As a new addition, we’re continuously working on expanding and improving our offerings, including bringing in more trading strategies. Stay tuned for even more options and opportunities with LimeFx! We’re here to ensure that you’re well-equipped to succeed in your trading journey. Keep enjoying the excellent support and education at LimeFx! Moreover, the platform also offers advanced
charting tools that allow traders to easily perform technical analysis. Traders
can also modify their trading strategies according to market conditions in

NBP helps protect traders from suffering large
losses in case of sudden market movements. It is a mechanism that prevents the
account balance from going into negative territory and ensures that traders
don’t end up owing money to the broker. Compared to other brokers, the leverage
offered by LimeFx is relatively high. Leverage in trading is a double-edged sword. It enables
traders to potentially magnify their profits if the market moves in their
favour, but losses as well, if the market moves against them.

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